Asbury Park, NJ.   What’s new this season at the Jersey Shore?  The sighting of a variety of books and digital information is paramount in and around Asbury Park this season.

In The Futurist’s Manifesto, Edited by Hugh McGuire and Brian O’Leaap-qr-photos-triory write, “Simply put: Content abundance is the precursor to the development (and maintenance) of context.” Summarizing this idea, what’s important is:

1) Open content, 2) Discoverability, 3) Content Opportunities, and 4) Context Management.

One great sign, I notice this summer at Asbury Park is free boardwalk walking tours via a cell phone app.  This APP employs Augmented Reality (AR) and there are stops along the walk with posted information using QR codes.

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 At sister community,  Ocean Grove the Ladies Auxiliary host the annual Book Sale.Beach Bk GJ  This is a multi-day event. The opening Friday night is a ticketed event and there are rare and collectible books to be purchased. The event is held under the Pavilion across from the historic 1894 Auditorium.

A boardwalk Book Sales is being held in nearby town of Belmar.  From the pod structure where the book event is held you can see out the windows to the beach.

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I really like what Brian O’Leary says, “Increasingly, readers want convenience, specificity, discoverability, ease of access, and connection… Publishers need to see these outcomes as the driving forces for future sales, not as a cost or add-on to making a book.”

Beach Bk GJ

There are also biographies playing at The Showroom Theatre, AP.  Depicted here, legendary Shep Gordon in SuperMensch.

At the beach, people are circulating books in various ways.  The Jersey Shore is being dotted with Little Free   Libraries where you can “Take a book, Return a Book.”  There is one specifically for children at Bradley Beach.  This one is sponsored by the Bradley Beach Public Library through a memorial donation.Beach Bk GJ

I am every fascinated by the idea captured in the chapter one title, “Context not Container” of The Futurist’s Manifesto.  Instead of the motion picture industry making films based on books. It seems to me that this film focuses on the very essence of books via its title “words and pictures.”  I’d like to see more publishers think of their content in terms of context, whereby the content is open and can be used in a variety of ways, for multiple audiences.

In this way, authors and publishers can drive content and images, and generate new marketing opportunities and new revenue streams.  I like the quote from this film, “Is a man worth more than his words, a woman worth more than her pictures?”

Beach goers at the Jersey Shore are unwinding in new ways, not only bringing their summer reads to the beach  this summer; they are also discover new ways to read from walking tours to movies; and sharing books on the boardwalk.  These are just a few “dark reading” or other sources of books that are in demand. At the beach,    Amazon is not something many are connecting with, nor do Kindles or other screen devices service this audience. Print books are being shared from Little Libraries, and walking tours provide information via cell phone APPS. Beach Bk GJ



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