by Anna Miller

For the first time, an American library will attempt to make contact with space. The Lawrence Public Library in Lawrence, Kansas is scheduled to communicate with the International Space Station via ham radio on Friday, September 9, 2016. Although the library has received dozens of space-themed questions from the public, the library administration has narrowed the list to just 20 questions they will ask Japanese astronaut Takuya Onishi during the conversation on Friday.

“The idea that you can use a ham radio to contact the Space Station just really blew my mind. The idea that local radio amateurs would have the ability to do this, I thought was really amazing.” ~ Miriam Wallen, Lawrence Public Library’s Teen Zone librarian.

The Douglas County Amateur Radio Club is facilitating the chat that will begin at 11:25 am CST in the library auditorium. The call to the Space Station will take place over the course of only 10 minutes, as that is the length of time that it takes the Space Station to travel from horizon to horizon. NASA, along with several foreign space agencies and an international consortium of amateur radio organizations, is overseeing the program, which is open to schools and other educational institutions worldwide.

“We hope the event will open the minds of library visitors, young and old, to the notion that even the most seemingly remote possibilities are more accessible than we might assume.” ~ Miriam Wallen

For more information, please read the full story: Library to make contact with International Space Station on Friday.

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