Imagine you’re shopping at your neighborhood home goods store. Navigating through each aisle, you lay your eyes on perfectly folded towels and bins of pillows. You meander through the kitchen section, finally stopping in front of a beautiful French press. Though you’ve always wanted one, you quickly realize the accompanying instructions won’t be enough to transform your kitchen into a Parisian cafe. You begin to push your cart past the display when you notice that, next to that shiny French press, sits Brew, a book by Brian W. Jones focusing on how to brew better coffee in your own home. Would you be more inclined to put not only the press in your cart, but also the book?

W&P Design thinks so.

W&P Design, a Brooklyn-based food and beverage company, recently launched Dovetail, their new publishing unit that prints books specifically designed to pair with particular products in hopes of increasing sales in both markets. By printing books that complement other consumer items, it allows the pairings to be sold in traditional retail stores and bookstores alike.

“The opportunity for us is to present and showcase how bookstores can better sell a concept by integrating a product that a book can sit next to,” said Ryan Kelly, Dovetail’s sales and business development lead. “Instead of sourcing a book about coffee and then going out and finding a french press that complements that book, we’re giving booksellers both things at once.”

While the books and corresponding products won’t be sold as package items, the hope (and recommendation) is that they will be displayed together. And Dovetail won’t be stopping at food — according to Dovetail publisher Nick Fauchald,  the company will expand into the yoga market, the workplace and beyond.

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Post by Renee Simpson