On Tuesday, Pottermore released three ebooks connecting all existing writing on the site authored by J.K. Rowling herself and fellow Pottermore staff.

Before Snape, Potions master Horace Slughorn—the hero we forgot. 

In the spankin’ new chapter Rowling penned on Slughorn, she delves into his background as the goodnatured only son of prideful Pureblood parents, who, “while […] never militant in their pure-blood beliefs, […] encouraged a quiet belief in the family’s innate superiority.”

Readers will get some insight into the makings of the “Original Slytherin Antihero” much like in the original series, Snape’s true loyalties later on.

…Snape was a more complicated, even noble, figure than a villain ― a tension that launched ten thousand sympathetic fanfics.

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Image credit: Pottermore