Film and music typically come to mind when thinking about piracy. However, the digitization of books has made them a target for pirates as well. Young Adult writer, A.S. King, declared her disapproval on an episode of Dear Book Nerd.

Dear Book Nerd is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Rita Meade, a Librarian and Book Riot contributor. Each episode features a special guest and book-related questions submitted by listeners. In this particular episode, an anonymous listener asked a question stating a colleague directed her to a site filled with free e-books (Meade 2015). They felt guilty about using the site, but the site states it acquires all of its titles legally  (Meade 2015). Rita and King commended the listener for reaching out about their problem. However, they urged them to no longer download books from the site due to A.S. King discovering some of her books illegally uploaded (Meade 2015). This is not the first time King has discovered illegal downloads of her books (Meade 2015). She mentions her former hobby of spending Saturdays filling out DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) forms, but soon exhausted herself doing so (Meade 2015). Not only was this process time consuming, King felt disheartened and frustrated by the constant struggle to protect her work (Meade 2015).

Like other forms of piracy, it is becoming more difficult to catch the offenders. Rather than focusing on catching them, authors and publishers are trying to publicize legal ways to access the media. For pirates who feel deterred by the price of a book, Rita mentions that readers can check out the inventory of their local library (Meade 2015). If you are wanting to sample a book, authors, like A.S. King, will release excerpts of their books for interested readers (Meade 2015).

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