This summer Amazon-owned Goodreads launched its own discount ebook service.  E-book sites are struggling with a sharp sells decline of nearly 25% from Jan 2015 compared to Jan 2016. Amazon has found a way to address the competition.

Amazon distributes a numer of free out-of-copyright books and encourages self-published authors to run discount or free e-book promotions.  In June 2016 several Amazon affiliate’s lost their funding status; effectively blacklisted by Amazon. These affiliates included eReaderIQ, Fussy Librarian, and Pixel of Ink.  As an affiliate, when a customer follows a link from the site and purchases an item, the affiliate receives an advertising fee. This process is transparent and free to the customer. Amazon changed service terms which created a difficult operating environment for affiliate sites that host links to cheap or free books.

One affiliate announced “As of June 10, 2016, eReaderIQ is no longer eligible to participate in the affiliate program. This means that we are no longer able to monetize this site simply by having users click on our links,” the notice on the eReaderIQ site runs. “Because of this, we will need to rely on user donations to keep the site running while we figure things out. We hope to generate enough support to cover the costs of operating the site.”

It’s a sad day for blacklisted Amazon affiliates.

By: April Bryant



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