This summer, Danish companies, Lasse Nyrup, Reida, and Bibliteksmedier launched “BookBites,” a digital library platform, in an effort to change the way Children use e-books. The application acts dually as an e-library and a game, rewarding children with stars and encouraging leisurely readership.

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BookBites tracks reading speed which allows the app to determine how long it would take a reader to complete a book. Just one more chapter before bed? The app labels chapters with the time it would take the reader to finish. Instead of an endless, scrolling page, the reader is able to visualize how much of the book has been completed and how much remains, which Lasse Nyrup believes is essential in deciding whether or not a reader will continue to read. Unlike normal e-readers which show the percentage completed, the app provides a graphic overview of the pages.

The app divides books into “bites” which are adapted to reading levels and speed, encouraging the student to progress through a few segments at a time. To further motivate the reader, a “book worm” character encourages children with messages of praise. The app also allows teachers and librarians to track students’ achievements and suggest further reading. The team at BookBites believes their app can stimulate children as much as a physical book, by triggering a release of dopamine through reward stimuli.

Could this be a replacement for school libraries? Could this app be adapted for adults?

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By: Jenna Miley