If you thought E.L. James pushed boundaries with Fifty Shades of Grey, wait until you get your hands on Swtich: Time for a Change, the autobiographical tale of Sandra LaMorgese, 60-year-old dominatrix since 2011. Sandra LaMorgese will debut her memoir at the all nude book launch party tomorrow night at Bold and Naked Yoga in  New York City, the very first launch with a dress code of no dress at all.

In an interview article, “A Sneak Peek At 60-Year-Old Dominatrix’s Upcoming All-Nude Book Party”, by Huffington Post writer, Shelley Emling, LaMorgese spills (almost) all about her tantalizing new read, and what her fans can expect to find inside its pages. LaMorgese promises more than promiscuity, describing her memoir as “shocking and risqué, and it will definitely push you out of your comfort zone, but, most importantly, it will take you on a journey of self-discovery, honesty and love”.

As for the requirement that all in attendance must show it all, is LaMorgese simply garnering attention? Is it a clever ploy to bring her audience into her world, and into the world of the book? Is she breaking down barriers for the publishing industry?

Intrigued? Perhaps a trip to New York is in the very near future…