This week our group focused on the changes in YA and children’s fiction. There is a shift happening in the children’s segment of trade publishing that has both good and bad repercussions.

Graphic Novels are transitioning back into schools trying to reach children who struggle reading large blocks of text. Publishers are also starting to realize the need for more diverse children’s novels so that everyone can see themselves in the characters they read about.

While children’s fiction is making moves for the better YA fiction has fallen. There is much debate about YA novels no longer being for the young adults but are adult novels in disguise. Some are even saying YA novels are not worth reading anymore.

There are many different ways to see the progress and shifts for the children’s segment of the publishing industry, however, to get the actual impact of journal articles one should look altmetrics.

These items are just a sample of what is available to anyone looking into the trends of the children’s segment in publishing, but hopefully, they will help educate readers along in their research.