According to UNICEF’s most recent data there are 2.5 million Syrian children living as refugees or on the run in search of safety. Having lost their homes and communities most of them lack the opportunity to attend school regularly. In an effort to counteract the effects of war in the youngest population of refugees, organizations like Libraries Without Borders, eduTechnoz, Bookwitty and UNHCR have join forces to offer educational resources in print and online to help children gain literacy skills.

Libraries Without Borders developer of the IdeasBox (a portable multimedia set up that offers access to books, tablets and a reliable Internet connection) has teamed up with eduTechnoz to offer high quality game-based educational on-line resources to teach children how to read and write in Arabic. Two of these IdeaBoxes with eduTechnoz software have been successfully deployed in refugee camps in Jordan, giving children ages 6-10 the opportunity to read, learn, monitor their progress and collect merit badges.

“As avid readers, the entire team at Bookwitty recognizes the importance of reading, not just from an educational standpoint, but also to allow children to be momentarily transported somewhere else; giving them respite from their current situation.”

In another refugee camp in neighboring Lebanon, Bookwitty and UNHCR have made it possible for children to read again with the successful launch of a new mobile library. Over 800 books for children 6-14 were chosen by UNHCR’s Save the Children program from Bookwitty’s extensive multilingual book catalogue to help make this project a reality. Bookwitty is also using its digital content platform to bring awareness to this humanitarian crisis by posting interviews, personal stories and articles written by young refugees themselves.

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By: Nadia Gomez

Oct 3rd 2016 Newletter Group, Cohort 12

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