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Bookstores in the Digital Age

September 13, 2016 | By Kiya Myers Many have been wondering about the future of bookstores as the growth of e-books increase. Will traditional books resemble the decline that CD’s, cassette tapes, and DVD’s have experienced as a result of... Continue Reading →

Nudity will be optional for the press

If you thought E.L. James pushed boundaries with Fifty Shades of Grey, wait until you get your hands on Swtich: Time for a Change, the autobiographical tale of Sandra LaMorgese, 60-year-old dominatrix since 2011. Sandra LaMorgese will debut her memoir at the... Continue Reading →

Amazon Blacklists Discount eBook Sites

This summer Amazon-owned Goodreads launched its own discount ebook service.  E-book sites are struggling with a sharp sells decline of nearly 25% from Jan 2015 compared to Jan 2016. Amazon has found a way to address the competition. Amazon distributes... Continue Reading →

Data-Driven Publishing

Ali Albazaz the CEO and co-founder of Inkitt a data driven publishing platforms that connects writers and readers wrote The Future of Publishing in a Data-Driven World an article describing several different ways data is changing the publishing industry. The... Continue Reading →

“I’m Not Dead Yet”: The Independent Bookstore Resurgence

For years there have been articles and news items about how more brick and mortar bookstores are closing due to the powerhouse that is Amazon. This included the big chains, as well as independent bookstores, but one of these has... Continue Reading →

Beacon Goes Back to Press on Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War in Anticipation of PBS Documentary

Marketing in today's publishing world can be difficult. One of the best ways for a book to re-gain traction is a television or movie adaptation. The big box versions of these are adaptations we all know. Harry Potter, The Hunger... Continue Reading →


I was in the seventh grade when I discovered Tropic of Cancer and Topic of Capricorn, books written by Henry Miller, were banned from my school’s library. I was doing research for a geography assignment. I tell you this so... Continue Reading →

The Comic Book World Invaded by Digital Publishing: Not Even Superman Can Save It

It is no longer just comic book characters being forced away from their origins. Even the format of the comic book itself is no longer what it used to be. Like Batman, digital publishing has good intentions with a dark... Continue Reading →

Fitzgerald’s Last Stories & The Lost Manuscript Trend

If you've been paying even tangential attention to the book industry over the past two – three years you'll have noticed the slew of "found" manuscripts coming to light. From short stories to haphazard pages and half-finished drafts, the book world seemed to... Continue Reading →

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