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Good News: Unity between Self-Published Authors and Readers in the Fight against Plagiarism

In “Stealing Books in the Age of Self-Publishing,” Joy Lanzendorfer discusses the growing problem of plagiarism among self-published authors on Amazon. For romance author Rachel Ann Nunes, not only was her novel reproduced almost identically under a different title, but... Continue Reading →

Harrowing: Will a Bankrupt Shipping Company Force Publishers to go Without Sales this Holiday Season?

In August of this year, Hanjin Shipping filed for bankruptcy protection in South Korea after they were unable to cover fuel costs and worker pay. Now you wonder what a shipping company in Korea has to do with the biggest... Continue Reading →

Gender Bias Detected in Scientific Journal Publishing

Although women entering academia and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields have made major strides, a recent study performed by the editors of Functional Ecology, an ecological research journal, discovered that gender bias is evident at different steps of... Continue Reading →

A Woman’s World

It is fairly accepted that women excel in the world of publishing. Gender bias, when it comes to publishing, is not a topic that comes up too terribly often. In fact, a recent study by Lee & Low showed that... Continue Reading →

Trends in the Children’s Segment of Publishing

This week our group focused on the changes in YA and children’s fiction. There is a shift happening in the children’s segment of trade publishing that has both good and bad repercussions. Graphic Novels are transitioning back into schools trying... Continue Reading →

The Cultural Mosaic of Children’s Publishing

The United States is a mosaic of different ethnicities. It only makes sense for the books being published to be just as diverse. However, the majority of children's literature is still written by the white population and about the white population... Continue Reading →

Is Young-Adult Fiction Even Worthwhile?

In the past several years young-adult fiction has been a healthy and well-performing segment of the publishing industry, and has received added scrutiny as a result. A debate has raged surrounding the value of young-adult fiction. Is it of any literary value?... Continue Reading →

Altmetrics: The Younger Metrics

By Lindsay Peters Altmetrics are a relatively new way1 to measure an article’s impact by collecting data about the dissemination of the work. While the journal impact factor measures the quality of a journal through how often its articles are... Continue Reading →

Revolution in the College Textbook Publishing Industry Brewing

Every college student (or parent of a college student) knows the pain at the beginning of a semester when confronted with the cost of college textbooks. With textbook costs rising at double the rate of inflation a revolution seems to be... Continue Reading →

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