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Week Five – Oct. 17th

Posts by Newsletter Group Five: Taylor Wise, Emily Williams, Michael Stancil, Andrea Scibetta, Emily Neff, Phyllis Hitner

The Power of a Facebook Algorithm

                Things are changing in the world of Facebook and how publishers are able to reach users of the social media site. For the last few years publishers have had the luxury of... Continue Reading →

Discovering Books in the Digital Age of Publishing: A Consumer’s Perspective

It is no secret that one of the major obstacles publishing companies face today is getting their content discovered by their target audiences. In a world where hundreds of thousands of works are being published each year, hyper-abundance has made... Continue Reading →

The New Frontier in Discoverability and Connecting with Readers is Here

In the world of publishing today, one of the industry’s main concerns is how to make their books discoverable and findable by the buyers who want them. With the hyperabundance of media assaulting us at every turn, this issue of... Continue Reading →

Diversity = Discovery

Tom Weldon, chief executive of Penguin Random House UK, suggests a solution to the prevalent concern about the abundance of publications in the market. As author voices are fighting over one another to be heard and discovered, he puts forth... Continue Reading →

Algorithms Could Save Book Publishing-But Ruin Novels

Jodi Archer, a former employee at Penguin UK, and Matthew L. Jockers, a co-founder of the Stanford Literary Lab, teamed up to answer what is undoubtedly the most prevalent question facing publishers today;  "How could you know which books would be... Continue Reading →

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