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Week One – Sept 19th

Posts by Newsletter Group One: Kelly Church, Shaylee Smith, Hannah Mokijewski, Anna Miller, Kristen Harmon, Johnetta Flomo

The Problem of Diversity

When the 2016 Man Booker Prize shortlist and World Book Day 2017 titles were released last week, both lists faced criticism for their lack of racial diversity. Unfortunately, these lists illustrate a larger problem within the industry. Not only does publishing have... Continue Reading →

Hybrid help for a broken industry?

By Hannah Mokijewski / September 18, 2016 As the digital age of publishing progresses, the necessity for traditional publishers is continually put under the microscope. Many have claimed that the publishing industry is "broken" in the sense that authors no longer... Continue Reading →

Lost in Translation: When Story Time Becomes Screen Time

There is no question, when pediatricians are practically prescribing story time for parents and their young children, it is clear that literacy is tied to early exposure.  This is believed to be true, so much so, that even expecting mothers... Continue Reading →

Brokenness in Publishing – Academic Printing and E-books

  When Amazon launched the Kindle device, enabling users to browse, buy, download and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, and other digital media via wireless networking to the Kindle Store,[1] it took the world by surprise. The interest in e-books had grown and many publishers wanted to enter the e-reading market.... Continue Reading →

“Broke: College Textbooks”

  “Students Are Still Saddled With Soaring Textbook Costs,” says a 2016 report from NBC News. “College textbooks are a racket,” proclaims an instructor in a 2015 editorial in The Washington Post. A Newsweek report on textbook sales from last... Continue Reading →

Federal Trade Commission Sues Predatory Open Access Publisher

The mentality of "publish or perish" in academia is a theme that embodies "brokeness" in academic and scholarly publishing, and coupled with the concept of Open Access, which refers to online research that is free of all restrictions on access and... Continue Reading →

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