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Week Seven – Oct 31st

Posts by Newsletter Group Seven: Chanel Carrasquilla, Lauren Tullio, Maria Swann,
Norman Rusin, Kiya Myers, Jenna Miley

E-Books vs. P-Books: What Do Students and Instructors Prefer? Taking the Bull by the Horns.

In early February this year, several publications reported that ninety-two percent of college students around the world prefer p-books over e-books when studying. Among the reasons students give for this preference are: A sense of accomplishment when they finish reading... Continue Reading →

College Students: E-textbooks vs. Print books

As a undergraduate student five years ago, digital textbooks were not as popular as they are now. I remember seeing the e-textbook option available for purchase but it wasn't until I started graduate school that I felt comfortable purchasing the... Continue Reading →

Should Parents Fear E-Books?

The question of print versus electronic book is often seen as a point of individual preference, except when talking about children. As e-book sales have plateaued, one area of publishing that has somewhat resisted e-book development is Children’s books. Furthermore,... Continue Reading →

Digital Fatigue and the Decline of E-Book Sales

How many hours a day would you say you spend behind a screen? Before you answer, really think about your day. How many times did you check your social media account(s) today? What about your favorite news app? Did you... Continue Reading →

Are Hispanics Embracing E-Reading?

If you ride the metro in any city of the country, you will see fellow commuters reading books: some are reading printed books, others are using an e-reader, some are reading on a tablet, others are reading on a smartphone,... Continue Reading →

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