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Week Three – Oct. 3rd

Posts by Newsletter Group Three: Devery Anderson, GJ Atwood-waller, Ada Sherrill, Michelle Piehl, Nadia Gomez, Sara Lloyd

Civil Rights Education: Access and Timeliness in Today’s (Divided) America

For the last few years, news about civil rights—either threats to their enforcement or the need to recognize and expand them—has dominated the news more than perhaps any time since the turbulent sixties. The results have been mixed: in 2013... Continue Reading →

Fighting the good fight: Offering access to educational content in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.

According to UNICEF’s most recent data there are 2.5 million Syrian children living as refugees or on the run in search of safety. Having lost their homes and communities most of them lack the opportunity to attend school regularly. In... Continue Reading →

Differmediation: Spellcheck doesn’t have to like it, but publishers might

Not too long ago, library users depended on librarians for assistance, the newspaper, television, or radio for the latest news, book clubs for recommendations on up-and-coming bestsellers, and a trip to the bookstore to buy textbooks. Times are changing, as... Continue Reading →

National Election Impacts 21st Century Education: A Publishing Perspective

In a blog article “K-12 Education Shut Out of the Presidential Debate Spotlight” at Education Week, they ask, “The big question is: Will K-12 education get any more attention in the next Clinton-Trump debate, which is slated to be held on Sunday, Oct. 9 at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo.? “

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