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Digital Fatigue and the Decline of E-Book Sales

How many hours a day would you say you spend behind a screen? Before you answer, really think about your day. How many times did you check your social media account(s) today? What about your favorite news app? Did you... Continue Reading →


Are Hispanics Embracing E-Reading?

If you ride the metro in any city of the country, you will see fellow commuters reading books: some are reading printed books, others are using an e-reader, some are reading on a tablet, others are reading on a smartphone,... Continue Reading →

Trick or Treat?: Self-Publishing is on the rise- Thanks to Amazon

On March 24, 2016 Bowker –the US company that issues International Standard Book Numbers or ISBNs- published a study that reviewed the growth of self-publishing from 2010- 2015 (Bowker 2016). Their study found that during that time the number of... Continue Reading →

Disturbing: Most UK authors’ annual incomes well below minimum wage

For the last several years, researchers in the UK have been following a startling trend. While the publishing industry itself has seen a rise in sales, the majority of authors’ incomes are steadily declining. A report released last month by... Continue Reading →

Harrowing: Will a Bankrupt Shipping Company Force Publishers to go Without Sales this Holiday Season?

In August of this year, Hanjin Shipping filed for bankruptcy protection in South Korea after they were unable to cover fuel costs and worker pay. Now you wonder what a shipping company in Korea has to do with the biggest... Continue Reading →

Scary: Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Scientific Editors?

At the Frankfurt Book Fair this week, a startup company based in Toronto has claimed to have created artificial intelligence that out-performed their scientific editors in recognizing and selecting manuscripts. The company, Meta, has titled their innovative product Bibliometrics Intelligence, and... Continue Reading →

Frightening: No Degree Required in Publishing?

In January of 2016 Penguin Random House UK announced they were taking all degree requirements off their job applications. Ironically, at that same time many of us in GWU Cohort 12 were making the decision to attend Graduate School. “Not having been through... Continue Reading →

The Power of a Facebook Algorithm

                Things are changing in the world of Facebook and how publishers are able to reach users of the social media site. For the last few years publishers have had the luxury of... Continue Reading →

Discovering Books in the Digital Age of Publishing: A Consumer’s Perspective

It is no secret that one of the major obstacles publishing companies face today is getting their content discovered by their target audiences. In a world where hundreds of thousands of works are being published each year, hyper-abundance has made... Continue Reading →

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