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Digital Fatigue and the Decline of E-Book Sales

How many hours a day would you say you spend behind a screen? Before you answer, really think about your day. How many times did you check your social media account(s) today? What about your favorite news app? Did you... Continue Reading →

Discovering Books in the Digital Age of Publishing: A Consumer’s Perspective

It is no secret that one of the major obstacles publishing companies face today is getting their content discovered by their target audiences. In a world where hundreds of thousands of works are being published each year, hyper-abundance has made... Continue Reading →

A Woman’s World

It is fairly accepted that women excel in the world of publishing. Gender bias, when it comes to publishing, is not a topic that comes up too terribly often. In fact, a recent study by Lee & Low showed that... Continue Reading →

Where is the Diversity in Publishing? The 2015 Diversity Baseline Survey Results

Lee and Low Books, a minority-owned multicultural children’s book publisher, is not unfamiliar with diversity — more specifically, a lack of diversity — in the publishing industry. In fact, according to research by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center, diverse published... Continue Reading →

Differmediation: Spellcheck doesn’t have to like it, but publishers might

Not too long ago, library users depended on librarians for assistance, the newspaper, television, or radio for the latest news, book clubs for recommendations on up-and-coming bestsellers, and a trip to the bookstore to buy textbooks. Times are changing, as... Continue Reading →

Most YA Fiction is Grown-Up Fiction in Disguise

  Anthony McGowan recently researched the growing phenomenon that is changing the audience for YA (Young Adult) books. Most publishers will agree that YA novels are intended for a teenage audience. However, "figures show that 80% of Ya literature is... Continue Reading →

Stanford Literary Lab Launches Open Syllabus Project

Metrics reporting tools are an invaluable part of a publisher's day-to-day processes and a tremendous forecasting tool for editors. Given this concept, Andrew Rikard reports that the Stanford Literary Lab has developed a new way for publishers to gain insight... Continue Reading →

Beach Books & Digi Info: Mobile Audience Opportunities

Augmented Reality, Beach Books, and Digital Content showing up everywhere. Mobile Audience Opportunities

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